Eyebrow Mastery

Eyebrows or Kudou (in Kadazan) has been the latest focus for a lot of people other than highlighting and contouring. Some want it on fleek, some want it natural and busy and some want it straight similar to what they see on their favourite Korean series. So, to be able to do a variety of eyebrow shapes may not be as easy as it sounds, so we've created this course to enable students to improve their eyebrow application and to help them to be more versatile artists. In this course, students will learn how to create multiple shapes of eyebrows to suit different makeup styles and customer's requests. Students will also get to learn eyebrow shaping and concealing techniques for thick eyebrows.


Drawing eyebrows can be challenging to some so we've made sure to tackle each eyebrow shape separately in this course. This will enable students to learn and adjust to creating different shapes of Kudou that will match their clients or themselves better.

This course is for

Eyebrow obsessed beauty enthusiasts and also makeup artists who wants to improve their eyebrow game. Get in on fleek or bushy, after learning the necessary skills, you may be the next brow master in town.

Course Contents

  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Eyebrow concealing
  • Eyebrow drawing
  • Suitability of eyebrow and face shape
  • Suitability of eyebrow and eye shape
  • Suitability of eyebrow and makeup style
  • Bushy brows
  • Block brows
  • Natural brows
  • Korean brows
  • Soft Arch brows
  • Full stroke brows

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Some want it on fleek, some want it natural and busy and some want it straight similar to what they see on their favourite Korean series.




Nov 27, 2017


Registration Fee RM


Brow Kit

Set of brow kit

  1. Eye powder
  2. Slanted Brush
  3. Concealer Brush



MUAH Diploma Examination

Photoshoot Food for model and student Seat for exam

For students whom have already completed minimum 240 credit hours of:

Certificate in Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling (120 hours):

Bridal Day Vol 1

Bridal Night Vol 1

Bridal Hair

Bridal Day Vol 2 (opt)

Bridal Night Vol 2 (opt)

Compulsory courses:

Bridal Ethnic Vol 1 or Vol 2 (30 hours)

Dolly (15 hours)

Vintage (15 hours)

Optional Courses:

Contouring Mastery (18 hours)

Eye Makeup Mastery (18 hours)

Eyebrow Mastery (30 hours)

Perfecting Base (18 hours)



What MUAH Students Say

Teacher di MUAH Studio semua nice! Banyak dapat belajar benda baru dan kena ajar sangat detail hehe
They have the most reliable trainers and flexibility in terms of the class hours.TQ MUAH !
I've learn a lot about makeup throughout being in Muah Studio
Trainer di MUAH mengajar dengan professional & friendly dan makeup skills saya improve dari zero to hero!
Priscilla V.
MUAH Academy gives me a remarkable training skills and i learn a lot from it.
Priscilla R

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